Commercial Applications

Why should you use ClassicBond EPDM to protect your commercial property?

EPDM roofing membranes were originally designed for commercial properties where the needs to waterproof buildings economically and quickly were just as important as a working life of over 50 years.

It’s no surprise that EPDM rubber roofing plays such a major role in protecting commercial properties, ranging from factories, railway stations, company headquarters, airports, theatres, schools, shopping centres, hospitals and hundreds of thousands more commercial and residential properties.

Rubber roofing system built to last

  • Unmatched weatherability – resistance to ozone, UV radiation and extreme of temperature
  • First manufacturer to exceed 10 billion square feet of EPDM membrane production.
  • No maintenance roofing system, so call backs less likely
  • Extremely environmentally friendly materials (and recyclable) all produced and installed with very little energy – Both Government and the International Kyoto Ecology agreement recommends EPDM rubber as Best Value sustainable eco-sound roofing

Safe and efficient installation

  • No torches or hot asphalt are required, a flame, heat free, safe installation for your roof
  • Highly flexible, even in low temperatures, lightweight and year round application gives you more opportunities to fit out roofs
  • Larger rolls mean fewer seams and faster installation
  • Easy to install Pressure-Sensitive accessories available for virtually any penetration or detail. And new penetrations can be added at a later date e.g. air conditioning, walkways

Unrivalled Roof Performance

After 50 years of actual use in field applications, EPDM has the roofing industry’s longest average service life, thanks to:

  • Greater resistance to ponding water, hail, UV damage and cyclical membrane fatigue
  • High resistance to ozone, weathering and abrasion
  • Superior resistance to extreme heat – Weather Resistant Rubber Roofing is not affected by extremes of temperature. Installations from the Middle East to Alaska.
  • Restoration friendly